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         CONTACT ME AT 318-469-3299 OR gabemeiki@gmail.com

I appreciate you visiting my site and considering me to capture your important memories.  My name is Gabe, and I probably have a similar story as most photographers - I love to shoot.  It all really started with my strong nostalgic nature.  I'm kinda obsessed with details of the history of things that matter to me, mainly family and loved ones.

So I naturally invested in a "real" camera when I was blessed with my first child.  My interest and skills grew as I invested in better equipment, and found that there is a whole complicated world of learning how to operate cameras, lens, flashes, computer programs, and all of the technical - and very intimidating - skills needed to produce good pictures.  Building this website is a perfect example!  So I would like to thank the people along the way who have been a help to me along the way.  I will start with my best childhood friend, the late Andy Ellis.  Local photographers like Morgan Negard, Kevin Pickens, Tommy Hays, Shannon Barnett and Deann Arnold have (and hopefully will continue!) been very helpful as this endevour is not an easy one to master.  So thank you in advance, for the many questions and tips I will be seeking!  I hope we can help each other in the years to come.

I ramble.  I know it and don't apologize for it, though I will try to control it.  My passion is shooting sports, particularly baseball.  I've had a great time working events such as wedding showers, wedding receptions, and have even had the honor of shooting a wedding, recently.  My aspirations for working weddings is far down the road, in most cases.  Team pictures, sporting events, parties, headshots, senior portraits, and family portraits have been a lot of fun for me, and I look forward to grow in my skills and improve with every shutter actuation.

Let me know if I can help you out, it would be my honor!

- Gabe

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